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This unusual planet is noted for the fact that it lacks a solid mantle and molten core. Instead, the planet is a ball of softer metals riddled with caverns and small tunnels. This allows the planet to retain copious amounts of water, giving the surface a swampy environment which belies the true extent of the depths its oceans can reach. The small sections of solid ground are marked by wide, rolling plains. Hidden below the porous rock of the planet is a core of almost pure plasma energy. The human inhabitants of the planet, descended from the Grizmallt colonists of the Beneficent Tasia fleet, learned to harness this plasma energy and use it to provide limitless electric power. It is the homeworld of the Gungan race, as well as the human settlers who called themselves the Naboo.

Naboo is the third and primary world of the Naboo System, and is orbited by two small moons. An Outer Rim world, Naboo is located some 34,000 light-years from the galactic core.

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