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The planet Kashyyyk is the homeworld of the Wookiee species. This jungle world is full of natural wonders and amazing sights. Its huge trees form an extensive ecosystem which is divided into several horizontal levels. The Wookiees and various flying creatures live in the uppermost level. Increasingly more hostile life forms are encountered as one descends through the lower ecosystems toward the planet's surface far below.

The massive Wookiee cities are built hundreds of meters above the ground, in the highest branches of the jungle trees. The cities integrate modern technology with natural beauty to create some of the true wonders of the galaxy. Imperial rule has cause Kashyyyk and its Wookiee inhabitants to be enslaved and forced to use their great strength to serve the Empire. By Imperial decree, free Wookiees are illegal. Those found off-planet or outside Imperial work camps are considered outlaws.

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