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SWMUD Rogues' Poll 1999

Well, this years poll was close in almost all of the categories. I'm glad to see that the players actually participated in this poll although I would have liked to see more. Anyway, here are the results!

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CATEGORIES Place Results
Worst Stench: 1st: Jillo
Best Roleplayer: 1st: Bookie
Best Player: 1st: Rooster
Most Helpful Player: 1st: Caine and Jillo tied!
Most Friendly Player: 1st: Cuchulainn
Best Planet: 1st: Berchest
Best Planet for Experience: 1st: Bimmisaari
Best Place for Cash: 1st: Cyax
Best Place for Idling: 1st: Start Room
Best Melee Weapon: 1st:
Combat Hammer, Lightsaber, Advanced Noghri Assassin's Knife
  4th: Monofilament Whip
Best Ranged Weapon: 1st: no contest... Disruption Cannon
Best Armor: 1st:
Targeting Helmet
Spiked Gloves, Jedi armor class
Best Player Killer: 1st: Jherant
Best PK Item: 1st: LR 5/6 droids [no longer in game]
Best PK Skill: 1st: Disable (Bounty Hunter)
Best Guild: 1st: Jedi
Best Race: 1st:
Defel and Sullustan
What Race Do You Want To See Added? 1st:
Massassi (4)
Hutt (3)
Anzati, Droid (2)
Best Team: 1st: Rebel
Best Fun Item: 1st: Hamsters, Warm Fuzzies, Quay, Wellington
Best Couple: 1st:
Luka and Rooster
Mordan and Dask
Best Wiz Toy: 1st: Balloons
Most Annoying Monster (mob): 1st: Gonk
Most Annoying Skill: 1st: Disable (Bounty Hunter)
Best Monster (mob): 1st: Dengar
Best Ship: 1st: Sluissi Starfighter Model 1000
Who's Better: Imperials or Rebels? 1st: Rebels (Imperials lost by 1 vote)
Favorite Star Wars Character: 1st: Han Solo
Best Star Wars Movie (before I-III come out): 1st:
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi lost by 1 vote
Best Skill: 1st: Baffle (Falleen)
Most Awaited New Addition: 1st: Byss
Which Is Better: Jedi/Dark Jedi?: 1st: Dark Jedi
Will Star Wars: The Phantom Menace be the most successful movie of all time? 1st: Yes (This wasn't even close!)

Thank you all who sent in their votes! Hopefully we can hold another one of these next year! =)

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