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SWMUD PK Poll 2006

The annual PK vote is over and below are the results. Thank to everyone who voted!

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Categories Place Results
Best Overall PK: 1st: Bottler
Best PK from Sep. - Feb: 1st: Bottler
Best PK from Mar. - Aug.: 1st: Bottler
Best Army PK: 1st: Bottler
Best Navy PK: 1st: Mattd
Best Imperial PK: 1st: Ryoh
Best Neutral PK: 1st: Bottler
Best Rebel PK: 1st: Qbit
Best Level 4-9 PK: 1st: It
Best Level 11-14 PK: 1st: Jherant
Best Level 15-19 PK: 1st: Bottler
Best Pseudo PK: 1st: Qbit
Best HM PK: 1st: Blacklaw
Best Escapist: (escaping a fight) 1st: Bottler
Best PK Guild: 1st: Assassin
Best PK Fourth Guild: 1st: Smuggler
Best PK Race: 1st: Noghri
Best PK Skill: 1st: Disable
Most Elusive PK: (hardest to find) 1st: Gregen
Most Likely To Die: 1st: Aalarei
Most Famous PK: 1st: Jherant
Most Infamous PK: 1st: Coug
Most Feared PK: 1st: Arkell
Most Compliant PK: (take the loss and bow) 1st: Volshan
Most Inventive PK: 1st: Blackjack
Most Often Seen PK: 1st: Volshan
Most Rarely Seen PK: 1st: Caine
Most Honorable PK: 1st: Volshan
Most Gutsy PK: 1st: Bottler
Best Assassin PK: 1st: Qbit, Ryoh, Voltaire
Best Bounty Hunter PK: 1st: Carnal
Best Jedi PK: 1st: Blacklaw
Best Mercenary PK: 1st: Bottler
Best Merchant PK: 1st: Glenn
Best Pilot PK: 1st: Karrshek
Best Scientist PK: 1st: Squeegy
Best Slicer PK: 1st: Ryken
Best Smuggler PK: 1st: Xapis
Most Helpful PK: 1st: Qbit
Most Improved PK: 1st: Voltaire
Best Roleplaying PK: 1st: Arakon
Best Smacktalking PK: 1st: Jherant
Most Likely To Be Rid: 1st: Voltaire
Best Weapon: 1st: Curved Serrated Knives and
Sorosuub Napalm Rifle
Best Amror: 1st:

Assassin Gloves and
Targetting Helmet

Best Utility Item:
(electrotelescopes, NOT kits/boxes, etc.)
1st: Health Scanner
Best Ship To Fight In: 1st: Any of Fade's fleet
Best Ship To Flee In: 1st: Jandur's Love Boat
Best PK Change: 1st: Banzi's ciding
Worst PK Change:
(skill enforced or player allowed)
1st: Jandur's going idle
Cheapest Move:
(attacking at low hps, attackin uneq'd, etc)
1st: The killing of an unequipped Clawdite
shapechanged to Ithorian
Most Needed PK Change: 1st: Intimidate
Most Needed PK Counter:


Deadliest Planet/System: 1st: Death Star
Safest Planet/System (other than Coruscant): 1st: Bimmisaari
Best Basic Utility Item: 1st: medkit
Best Clan: 1st: Guardians of the Rebellion
Best Team 1st: Rebel
Best Jedi Alignment: 1st: Dark
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