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SWMUD PK Poll 2004

Well, PK Poll this year comes to a close. I'm amazed at how many participants we had, so a big thank you for voting! If there was a tie, I listed all participants, as well as some honorable mentions here and there. Again, thanks for voting, and see ya next year!

Thanks to those who voted and to Willow for the panic pkvote04 file. Here are your winners:

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Categories Place Results
Best Overall PK: 1st: Xerakon
Best PK from Sep. - Feb: 1st: Jym
Best PK from Mar. - Aug.: 1st: Keyse
Best Army PK: 1st: Abel
Best Navy PK: 1st: Bigsithmaster & Deppie (tie)
Best Imperial PK: 1st: Rocky
Best Neutral PK: 1st: Tharn
Best Rebel PK: 1st: Keyse
Best Level 4-14 PK: 1st: Jherant
Best Level 15-19 PK: 1st: Rocky
Best Pseudo HM PK: 1st: Abel
Best HM PK: 1st: Renna
Best Escapist: 1st:
Hon. Men.:
Bottler & Brysk (tie)
Han Solo
Best PK Guild: 1st: Bounty Hunter
Best PK Race: 1st: Rodian
Best PK Skill: 1st: Disable (Bounty Hunter)
Most Compliant PK:
(takes the losses and bows)
1st: Abel, Keyse, & Volshan (tie)
Most Often Seen PK: 1st: Renna & Tantrum
Most Rarely Seen PK: 1st: Caine
Most Honorable PK: 1st: Abel & Volshan (tie)
Most Gutsy PK: 1st: Boh
Best Assassin PK: 1st: Xerakon
Best Bounty Hunter PK: 1st: Xerakon
Best Jedi PK: 1st: Caine
Best Mercenary PK: 1st: Ether
Best Merchant PK: 1st: Hanse
Best Pilot PK: 1st: Deppie
Best Scientist PK: 1st: Keyse, Renna, & Scorch (tie)
Best Slicer PK: 1st: Ryken
Best Smuggler PK: 1st: Volshan
Most Helpful PK: 1st: Renna
Most Improved PK: 1st: Tantrum
Best Roleplayer: 1st: Arakon
Best Smacktalker: 1st: Boh
Most Likely To Be Rid: 1st: Boh
Best PK Weapon: 1st:
Hon. Men.:
Double-bladed lightsaber
Ingenuity and fast typing
Best PK Change: 1st: Ivan returns!
Worst PK Change: 1st: Dosage Applier
Most Needed PK Change: 1st:
Hon. Men.:
Player X unsigning
Most Needed PK Counter:


Slow & Victory Helmet (tie)
Deadliest Planet: 1st: Soleada
Best Utility Item: 1st:
Hon. Men.:
Spouse (not like GQC)
Best Clan: 1st:
Rebel Front of Soleada
Best Team 1st: Three-way tie (guess which teams!)
Best Jedi Alignment: 1st: Dark
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