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SWMUD PK Poll 2003

This poll is specifically about Player Killing on SWmud. The vote was open to anyone on the mud, though some knowledge of SWmud's PK system and players was preferred when voting.

Thanks to those who voted and to Willow for the panic pkvote03 file that was lost in the crash. Here are your winners:

PK 2002 || PK 2004 || PK 2005 || PK 2006

Categories Place Results
Best Overall PK: 1st: Jym
Best PK from Jan. - May: 1st: Jym
Best PK from Jun. - Sep.: 1st: Jym
Best Army PK: 1st: Jym
Best Navy PK: 1st: Deppie
Best Imperial PK: 1st: Jym
Best Neutral PK: 1st: Tie between Blacklaw and Simkin
Best Rebel PK: 1st: Xerakon
Best Level 4-11 PK: 1st: Jherant
Best Level 12-19 PK: 1st: Glenn
Best Pseudo HM PK: 1st: Jym
Best HM PK: 1st: Keyse
Most Famous PK: 1st: Jherant
Most Infamous PK: 1st: Akura/Coug
Worst PK: 1st: Akura
Most Annoying PK: 1st: Tie between Akura and Heimdall
(during Heimdall's very brief PK stint)
Most Hated PK: 1st: Akura
Most Compliant PK:
(takes the losses and bows)
1st: Caine (as he is the one making changes
   people must comply to)
Cheesiest PK: 1st: Akura
Most Often Seen PK: 1st: Jym
Most Rarely Seen PK: 1st: Tie between Caine and Timetripp
Nicest PK: 1st: Volshan
Meanest PK: 1st: Jherant
Most Honorable PK: 1st: Volshan
Least Honorable PK: 1st: Akura
Sexiest PK: 1st: Tie between Hanse and Turk
Most Gutsy PK: 1st:
Not the one gutted by a vibroscythe
Best Assassin PK: 1st: Tie between Hanse and Jherant
Best Bounty Hunter PK: 1st: Xerakon
Best Diplomat PK: (oh wait...) 1st: Ghoststalker
Best Jedi PK: 1st: Keyse
Best Mercenary PK: 1st: Jym
Best Merchant PK: 1st: Hanse
Best Pilot PK: 1st: Deppie
Best Scientist PK: 1st: Keyse
Best Slicer PK: 1st: Pawn
Best Smuggler PK: 1st: Volshan
Most Helpful PK: 1st: Keyse
Most Improved PK: 1st: Jym
Best PK Change: 1st: PK events
Worst PK Change: 1st: Commerce changes
Most Needed PK Change: 1st: HM quest
Best PK Guild: 1st: Bounty Hunter
Best PK Race: 1st: Rodian
Best PK Skill: 1st: Disable
Deadliest Planet: 1st: Death Star
Safest Planet: 1st: Coruscant (a no-kill zone)
Best Utility Item: 1st: Dosage applier
Most Annoying Utility Item: 1st: Jetpack (Bounty Hunter)
Cheesiest Utility Item: 1st: Jetpack (Bounty Hunter)
Best Clan: 1st:
Imperial Syndicate
Worst Clan: 1st: Sandstorm
Best PK Fight: 1st: Caine vs. Ether
Worst PK Fight: 1st: Akura + gank squad vs. single PK
Best PK Log: 1st: Caine vs. Ether
Worst PK Log: 1st: Turk vs. Tharn and Corto
Best PK Event: 1st: Arena
Best PK Wiz: 1st: Khayyin
Best Death Message: 1st: <death> (who cares) abducts and executes Akura
   at (any location)
Funniest Death Message: 1st: Skaad bashing Bottler's head in with a calculator.
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