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Wizard Job Explanations

This page was last updated on: June 10, 2006

Many players see job titles next to a wiz's name and wonder what the job title entails. Here is a listing of the titles and descriptions. This list is NOT set in stone and is just a basic guideline of who is in charge of what.

Head of Area
The Head of Area is in charge of overseeing that the mud's areas are kept in theme and approves all requests for new areas. He/she makes sure the typos and bugs in an area have been fixed and that the mud's standards for areas are maintained.

Head of Law
There is no longer a Head of Law on SWMud. Law's duties are shared equally by all of the Law wizards and all decisions are made by consensus. Law duties include enforcing the rules of the mud, implementing new rules as they become necessary (with admin review and voting), confirming that all players have a valid e-mail address, authorizing players from banned IP addresses, and handling harassment cases and other Law-related matters.

Head of Balance
Balance is responsible for maintaining Balance on the mud, checking new areas, monsters, objects, races, guilds, and skills for balance, and requesting changes if deemed necessary.

Head of Guilds
The Head of Guilds is responsible for creating, updating and adding guilds on the mud, often with admin review and voting. Any new skills are subject to his/her approval.

Head of Jedi
The Head of Jedi is responsible for maintaining and updating skills and equipment dealing with the Jedi guild, often with admin review and voting. Any new skills are subject to his/her approval.

Head of Space
The Head of Space is responsible for maintaining, updating, and reviewing all things space-related, including ships, pilot skills, planetary routes and the like, often with admin review and voting. Any new skills are subject to his/her approval.

Head of High Mortals
The Head of High Mortals maintains the High Mortal quest, adds new questors, new homes, and anything to do with the quest. He/she will also be the one to decide on adding new perks to the High Mortals.

Head of Player Council
The Head of Player Council is the wizard liaison for the Player Council. This wizard oversees the Player Council activities to ensure they are in keeping with mud laws and works with the Player Council to host events that will bring more enjoyment to the playing experience. He/she is also responsible for adding any new needed positions to the PC, taking PC concerns to the rest of the wiz staff, and handling team purchases. In addition, he/she reviews and approves suggestions for new events.

Public Relations (PR Wiz)
The PR Wiz is here to help players and take care of some duties involved with the players. This includes helping new players in player creation, updating and adding panic files, helping with some player disputes, updating 'where', and being the first person that a player could go to with a problem or concern.

The webmaster updates and adds to the mud's webpage. Some things that are updated often are:

  • Player info
  • Player pictures in the Rogues Gallery, Married Rogues Gallery, Coder Gallery, and Rogues Gatherings
  • Wizard info
  • Game updates
  • Panic files

Currently the webmaster is a player, not a coder. If you need to speak to a coder, use the Law Contact form.

Other Helpful Terms and Information

  • Admin is a term referring to the Moffs and Senators. They are the only ones who can alter players in any way. This includes restoring lost levels, experience points etc.
  • Caretaker is a term referring to a person in charge of a planet. They may or may not be the original coder, but are in charge of maintaining, and sometimes adding to a given planet. The caretaker is the individual you would contact if you have a question about anything on their planet.
  • All wizards are able to perform marriages and assist with bug issues.
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