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May 2011 Update

We have a very active wizard staff currently, but since website updates have been practically non-existant for the last few years, there are several things to announce that have happened, particularly recently. These include:


To encourage partying (group play), we've decided to update the party system in two ways. Experience is now split equally among all players in the party, regardless of level (a mix of High Mortals and mortals will receive an exp penalty though). The second change is that all party members will receive a 10% exp bonus every time exp is awarded.

Bounty Hunter

Cabbie Bribing was changed so that deny only lasts for 30 minutes. Deny and miscab can only be used if you can attack the player in question. Use of either will cause persistent aggression with that player for the rest of the boot.

Stavros was promoted to Councillor in January and to Senator in April!!

Gwegster was promoted to Secretary in January.

Vint was promoted to Councillor in April.

New area released: Centerpoint Station.

Areas revamped and reopened: The Gamorr Arena and the Kessel Mines. (That old, crusty elevator is GONE!!)

The Merchant Container quest has now been reopened!

The Mercenary Ammobelt now keep ammo throughout a boot.

Player Killing
PK titles were released, including 2 new commands: pktitles and pkscore.

Multiple characters are now allowed (with limitations).

Offline bank transfers are now allowed.

This new feature allows individuals to send credits from their own accounts to someone who is offline. Unfortunately, due to government oversight and various banking fees, there is a 20% surcharge on transactions of this nature, with discounts available for politicians and assorted individuals.
*NOTE* This is currently working in the bank on Coruscant, with other banks to be updated soon.

The different channels of communication (lines) were updated to use a new chat daemon.

Padawan and apprentice lines have been changed to use the master's name for their line name instead of 'padawan' or 'apprentice'. The lines also go through the chat daemon now, which means that line history will work.

Clan lines would also go through the chat daemon, if there were such things as clans.

Finally, custom lines are now available. These will replace mtell and mreply (which are still currently available, for the masochistic, but may be removed in the future). Use the line command to get an overview of how to use this new feature.

The condo daemon is being revamped. The new version is currently working only on the Sluis Van Shipyards condos, with other condo offices to be updated soon.

A petition system system to request wizard assistance has been added.

Wallets and keychains were improved dramatically.

New options for the prompt were introduced.

Mortals can now see all High Mortal panic files on the MUD.

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