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Year 2010 Update

We have a very active wizard staff currently, but since website updates have been practically non-existant for the last few years, there are several things to announce that have happened in the past year. These include:


A new skill called 'meddle' was added.

KRT droids were released.

BEETS (the merchant exchange) was revamped.

Merchant shop inventories can be viewed from Coruscant (west of main shop). [MES]

Poison was updated to be more effective in certain situations.

Mud-wide death messages from mobs introduced accidentally, and kept.

Stavros, Tigwyk, and Ichthus were promoted to Ambassador in October.

Tantrum was promoted to Senator in October.

New area released: Bespin Towers, level 3.

No updates to report.

Player Killing
No updates to report.

Improved team donation bins were released.

Timestamps were added to the tellhist command.

MUD was updated to a newer driver (FluffOS 2.20).

Command rate limit increased to 10 commands per heartbeat.

Zombie Invasion event released.

Where's W.A.L.D.O. event released.

New chat daemon released, allowing for line histories.

And some time ago, the Mud's uptime was changed to 99 hours or 225.0 Mb of memory, whichever comes first.

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