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SWmud Banners

Some people have expressed interest in having SWmud banners which they can use to plug the game. The following have been made by various players for distribution. Credit is given below.

Hotlinking directly to these banners is not allowed. Save the image to your own server or forum, or get a free image hosting account with a site like PhotoBucket, Putfile, ImageShack, etc. and link to them there. If I check our traffic and find that people are pulling the banners into their site from our server, this page will be removed.


All banners in the section below created by WEAKOZ

Thanks, Weakoz!!

Want to send in a banner you've made? Submit it in JPG format.
Size restrictions: 468x60, 234x60, 160x425 (no taller than 600), 88x31, & 200x400.

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