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SWmud Wizard Rights

  1. A wizard is to be accorded all due respect fit to their station as creators for this game. You do not have to respect the person, but you do have to respect their position as a creator. Additionally, the wizard is still a player in the eyes of the MUD law and is expected to abide by all of the rules.
  2. The wizard shall have the right to intervene in player matters if it affects the game and its stability directly. (Don't try to tell them it's none of their business; the game and anything that happens in it IS their business.)
  3. If a wizard feels a player is being disrespectful or harassing to them, or to other players, they have the right to take action against a player. This DOES include shoutcurse/ rncurse/ jail/ rid. In the case of a rid, a player will only be rid by a unanimous admin vote, and if proof is brought to the admin on why said player should be rid.
  4. The wizard shall have the right to ask the player to stop speaking about any matter deemed inappropriate by the wizard, and have the right to shoutcurse/ jail anyone who refuses.
  5. Any wizard who abuses their power will be dealt with, severely.
  6. Playing on SWMud is a privilege, not a right. Abuse of that privilege will lead to removal of the player.
  7. Appeals to wizard action will be heard, but any decision by someone hearing an appeal IS final. Further action by a player in that matter will be deemed harassment and will get the player rid.
  8. All wizards, from applicant to moff, are seen as equal in regards to enforcement of these laws.
  9. If a player feels they are being unjustly treated, they should first keep it private, then mail law with a log of the occurrence. No log, no case. If the player feels it is Law who is treating them unfairly, then they should mail the log to 'senator' and 'moff'.
  10. If a player thinks these laws are unjust, they are welcome to find a new MUD. This is a free world and a free MUD, but free speech has limits, and pushing those limits here will just get you rid.
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