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Vouching for the return of previously rid players

First, by accepting the responsibility to vouch for a player that has been rid and or sitebanned in the past, you are agreeing to the terms that are described in this panic file. There will be no misunderstandings later on if things go bad.

In order to allow players to "make amends" for something they have done in the past, something that caused them to be rid and or sitebanned, the Law and Admin of SwMud have discussed an approved of the player vouch system, which was a player idea.

Players who wish to vouch for someone may mail Law, at which time the admin will look over the history of the player who was rid. Depending on their crimes, they may be asked to wait a certain time period, or may be granted access through the vouch system.

In order to qualify as a "voucher" you must:

  • Must be at least level 15 in your primary guild, and level 10 in each of your secondary guilds.
  • Have a fairly clean Law record, and be willing to put your faith and trust into the player you are vouching for.

The reason we say this is because of the following:

Players that have vouched for another player will be held totally responsible for the rid player's actions. This means that if the previously rid player starts up his or her old bad habits, then not only will they be punished, but the player vouching for them will be too.

For example: Player A vouches for Player B, and Player B is back on the mud and playing again. Player B is found to be bouncing, so both Player A and B are punished in the same fashion (loss of the skills used in bouncing and jail time). If Player B does something so bad that it will get him/her rid, then Player A runs that same risk.


Player A vouches for Player B. Player B breaks the rules constantly, during which time Player A is being punished as well. Player A can choose to no longer vouch for Player B, in which time Player B will once again be rid.

This system has been developed for those people in mind that may have been a little too immature at the time they were rid and have learned since then, or those players that didn't mean to break the rules that they did.

By agreeing to become a voucher, you accept the fact that you have read the rules, understand them backwards and forwards, and still wish to vouch for someone.

To vouch for someone, mail Law with the name(s) of the player that was rid, and why you want to vouch for them. Law will then review the application and submit it for a vote. If the vote passes, then the previously rid/sitebanned player will be allowed back on.

– SWmud Law - 21 Mar 2000

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