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SWmud Player Killing Rules for Space

Player-player combat in space is similar to ground combat, with a few distinct differences. The first and most obvious is that both Army and Navy players are able to participate in space combat.

As on the ground, Army/Navy players can initiate combat with any other Army/Navy player of a higher level. Higher level players are limited to initiating combat with Army/Navy players within four levels of their own.

Once the initial requirements have been met, retaliation from higher level PKs can take place.

A major difference in space combat, though, is that the ship itself is considered the attacker, rather than the player in the ship. This means that the HIGHEST level PK-player on the ships determine whether the combatant vessels may engage in combat.

In other words, a non-PK player travelling with a PK player is vulnerable to player attack as well. But the non-PK is not defenseless: once combat is initiated between the two ships, the non-PK player is able to defend him/her/itself against the agressor.

Non-PK players should also be careful of whom they fly with. Any combat action started on the ground can be continued in space, regardless of level requirements for initiating a PK space fight. This includes any persistent aggression, if applicable.

Also, any ongoing feuds between clans are sufficient grounds for initiating space combat.


  1. A Y-wing piloted by Barney (lvl 15 pk) and Wilma (lvl 4 pk)
    A YT-1300 piloted by Fred (lvl 9 pk) and Betty (lvl 4 pk)
    • Y-wing cannot initiate PK because highest PKer on board is out of range of highest player on YT-1300
    • YT-1300 can initiate combat because highest PK is lower level.
  2. A Tie defender piloted by Greedo (lvl 13 pk)
    A B-wing piloted by Jabba (lvl 13 pk) and Ackbar (lvl 19 non-pk)
    • Tie Defender can initiate combat because B-wing is in PK-range.
    • B-wing can initiate combat because Tie Defender is in range.
    • Ackbar in B-wing cannot fire unless Tie Defender has attacked already. Then he may fire back to defend himself.
  3. An X-Tie Ugly piloted by Ewok Teamsters Local 506 member Spanky
    A Gamma-class shuttle piloted by Jawas Unite! member Stinky
    • Ewok Teamsters 506 and Jawas Unite! are clans at war with each other.
    • Regardless of level, either Spanky or Stinky could attack each other's ship.
    • If Spanky or Stinky have any non-aligned players aboard, those non-aligned players could NOT attack initially. Only if their ship were attacked first could they fire back.
  4. A Soro-Suub Firespray piloted by Bongo the Assasin
    A Skipray Blastboat piloted by Mongo the Bounty Hunter
    • Bongo and Mongo have been engaging in ground-side combat, and are currently aggressive to each other. That means either of them could fire on each other, regardless of level.
    • Only if Bongo and Mongo had not attacked each other on the ground would standard level restrictions for space combat apply.
    • As always, Mongo is but pawn in game of life.
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