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SWmud Sexual Harassment Rules

The wizards of SWmud consider sexual harassment to be any emotes, feelings, language, or other communication which is used to violate the person of another player, as if that emote, feeling, language, or communication were taken in real life. This means that you should never use the following feelings (and possibly many others) with players you do not know:

  • lick
  • french
  • fondle
  • spank
  • grope
  • rub
  • stroke
  • touch
  • kiss
  • nibble
  • caress

This is not a comprehensive list. It is meant to make it clear to any particularly dense people what we will not tolerate.

By the way, if you think male-bashing is any better than female-bashing, then you are not only wrong but you are just as sexist as males bashing on females. We will treat both genders as equal.

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