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Quest-banning is a punishment handed out by Law typically, though not limited to, those who cheat on quests, secrets, etc. When a player is quest-banned, they find they are unable to participate in most quests (including, but not limited to, the High Mortal quest, Jedi Master quest, and Ammobelt quest) or enter various secret areas on the mud (such areas are determined by the planets' caretakers). Typically, the best items from those areas are also unable to be used by the quest-banned.

Quest-banning is centered on the player, not the character. If a player cides hoping to escape it, they'll find their next character has it placed on them as well. Not notifying Law who your new character is to try and avoid this will likely result in a rid/site-ban instead.

Quest-bans have no set length. It will be placed on you until such time as you become an upstanding member of the community. Any Law offense from shoutcurses to riddings can increase the amount of time the ban will be in place.

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