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SWmud Player Etiquette

Welcome to Star Wars Mud! You are very welcome here and we hope that you will enjoy playing here. The purpose behind this help file is to give you an idea of what is expected of players, and how they should act. This will also provide you with some information on what you should expect of coders as well.

Most of you are not familiar with a MUD, and how it operates, so being new, most people panic right away. Well, just a word of comfort, do not stress or worry, you are not alone. We sympathize with you because we have been there before.

First of all, when you enter the MUD it is not a good idea to shout right away: "I am new here, and I am lost, what do I do?" What you should do is read your screen carefully and do as instructed, especially when instructed to read panic files. We are not out to make playing here difficult for you. So usually if you read what you are instructed to, you wont get left behind.

Well you may ask, why not shout? Well despite the fact that it will begin to annoy coders, it also begins to annoy players. No one likes to see people shouting left and right about this and that. To show you what this means, think of a whiny kid. Which suprisingly enough brings up another topic.

Whining is very unbecoming, especially when you are supposed to be an adult. We realize that not everyone is gonna like everything about this MUD. But whining will get you nowhere, except alienated from players. No one likes a complainer, and I think most everyone would agree.

Well then how do I get help? The first step, if you are in need and are confused on an issue, is to contact a player. WHAT? Yes, you read it right, a player. They have experienced being a newbie, and most likely can give you information you need and help clear you up on some issues you may not understand. Yes, coders are here to help you and enjoy doing so, but turning to a coder right away because of a problem is not acceptable. You should ask a player first if he/she knows how to do something, then when no one else knows what to do, then ask an immortal on here. Please however do not shout, "Does anyone know how to ______?" We have provided a newbie channel for all newbies to use to ask their MUDplay related questions (but NOT for chatting!). Many long-time SWmud players listen to this line and answer newbie questions truthfully. You might not get truthful answers on the shout line, and using the newbie line will cut down on a lot of the shouting which turns out to be unnecessary.

Now I am sure you are all wondering, what is shouting for? Well as much as this may shock you, shouting is for being polite and notifying others of something which may affect them. Note, however, that the latter is used primarily by coders to let you know of new additions or tests which may occur.

So how does shouting and politeness go together? Well, it is rather simple really: if you die, it is OK to shout where your stuff is and to politely request people leave it alone. They do not have to comply with your wishes all the time, so don't whine if someone steals your stuff. But keep in mind, all you do when you steal from others is burn bridges which you may later regret.

In summary, politeness is the key, as well as respect. People will respect you if you respect them. The road travels both ways, so do your best to be helpful and kind when you can. Coders are here for you but are not going to come and help at your every whim. We are very busy and are constantly trying to improve this place and make it better for you as a player. Keep in mind one thing in closing. Coders are here for their enjoyment as well as yours, and when it stops being fun for a coder, that usually leads to players not enjoying themselves.

Good Luck! And may the Force be with you!

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