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Expectations of Wizard Player Characters

If you've been granted a player character, this is what is expected of you and your character:

  • You are to put your wizardname@swmud in the email of that char.
  • Your wizard char is NOT to help this character out in ANY way, shape or form.
  • You are required to maintain your work habits here as a Wizard.
  • This is a player character and not a test character. You are not to modify (or have someone else modify) your character in any way. Ratt is around if you need a test character. Your player character is for entertainment purposes only.
  • If there is a problem on the mud that needs Wizard attention, and you are the only wizard here, you are to log off your PC right away and come back as wizard to look at or deal with the problem.

If you have a character that has not been approved by a senator or moff, it will be deleted immediately and you will not have a chance to ever have a character. If you spend more time as the player than the wiz, your character will be imprisoned until work is done.

I know this sounds a bit harsh, but it's not really if you look at it. All I'm asking is that you treat your player character as you did when you were a player.

And the most important rule: Enjoy Yourself!

Rules for Wizard Player Characters (panic wizmulti)

Wizards who have reached the status of Ambassador or higher have completed a major project (usually their Secretary project), thusly earning themselves the right to have a player character.

Some important information:

  1. There is to be no interaction between the wizard's wiz char and his/her player character.
  2. If you reached HM 50/50/19 with your primary character and wizzed your second character, your primary character automatically becomes your PC. Keep in mind that you will not be able to access that character until you reach the rank of Ambassador.
  3. While your player character should be used to keep you in touch with the current state and needs of the mud, remember that you are still a coder and should spend time coding as well.
  4. Your player character is *not* a test character. There is already a character, Ratt, who can be used by all immortals for testing purposes. Ask your sponsor or another immortal for his password.

Violators of these rules will be punished severely. Such violations are grounds for banishment from the game, and if necessary restriction of the site, which will not only keep you from playing SWMud but many other players from your site. Remember, you are representing all immortals when you play your player character, so please don't do anything to embarrass yourself or the mud's administration.

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