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SWmud Player Killing Rules

You may NOT do the following:

Attack a NEWBIE  (level 3 or less)

Attack a player that is 5 or more levels BELOW you.

Attack a player on the Planet Coruscant, or on the Essess. (However, attacking someone inside one of the simulations, e.g. on Newbiway, is acceptable.)

Attack a non-PKable player (including Navy PK on the ground).

Attack another player if you are non-PKable.

Attack a player who is not able to attack you back. This includes instances like shooting from your condo and the like.

It is illegal to cause damage of any kind to a non-PKable player.
Do not use grenades at them or trap them in a room with an LR-droid when they are killing a monster etc. The ONLY exception to these is that if a non-PKable player (but in your range) is traveling in space with a PKable player in your range, then you may shoot at the ship. Non-PKable players always take a risk when flying in space with a PKable player.

NOTE: HMs of level 20 can only PK players of level 18 and up. Otherwise the PKilling rules are the same for HMs as for everybody else.

ETIQUETTE: Some players consider it a matter of honor not to drop link (go link-dead) if you're about to die. Likewise, quiting at such a crucial time might be called dishonorable by some. It is up to you to follow these *house rules* but ultimately nothing is fair in war. Note that PKs will leave a body behind if they do drop link, thus they can be killed anyway.

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