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Definition of Offensive Acts on SWmud

This defines, for the purposes of SWmud, an offensive act. Please understand that we have no sympathy for the hypersensitive here. For instance, if I state beliefs about God which might run contrary to your beliefs, you may be offended, but the MUD does not consider my statements offensive. An offensive act is defined in the following way:

An action or statement which depicts in a negative way any physical trait.

Examples (not comprehensive) of physical traits: gender, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicaps.

There is NOTHING in this definition about belief. Everyone is free to express their beliefs so long as the expression of the belief does not violate the rules of SWmud. This means if you are racist, you best not express your beliefs or you will be out of here. But if you happen to believe for or against abortion, then you are free to express those beliefs even though some hypersensitive people might find those beliefs offensive.

Similary, note the difference between saying something which is anti-Semitic and saying something offensive to some Jewish people. To say something against Jews as an ethnic group is anti-Semitic and falls as a violation of MUD rules. To say something against beliefs which are considered Jewish, however, is fully acceptable. I only use Judiasm as an example, because it is a good example of where sometimes beliefs may get crossed with physical makeup (in this case, ethnic origin).

Why have we made this rule? Because our players (we hope) are made up of a wide variety of real life people. This is a game for them to come and enjoy and perhaps even get away from some of the hatred of the world outside. People should not be subjected to that hatred here. And we simply will not tolerate it.

Addendum: Star Wars MUD is not a strict Role-Playing MUD. We do not have an in character line or an out of character line. As such, even though we know that a Trandoshan in character would be highly offensive when dealing with a Wookiee in character, SWmud does not make such a distinction. Offensive language and acts are offensive language and acts, and will be punished appropriately. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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