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SWmud Law Process

Below is an explanation of the Law Process here at SWmud. If you have any questions please contact the Law Wizards here at SWmud. Please remember that we are trying to work FOR you and not against you, with the ultimate goal in mind to make this MUD fun for EVERYONE. The more people who enjoy this MUD, the better off everyone is. So this may take a little give and take from everyone, but keep in mind that we will strive to be fair, honest and just.

The process of law is as follows:

Everyone will be innocent until PROVEN guilty.

Once Law becomes aware of an incident, we will endeavor to speedily come up with a solution to the situation. This will begin with an investigation into the incident. Based on the severity of the said situation, you may be placed in jail 'pending wizard decision.' If you are then found innocent, the slate will be wiped clean, and your MUD existence will continue. Keep in mind that jailing in this manner is a last resort, and that doesn't mean you are guilty. In matters such as MUD security, we hope you will see that this is used as a precaution.

When someone reports a situation to Law, someone dealing with Law on this mud will contact you, to get your side of the situation. Both sides will be listened to equally, and all evidence will be taken into consideration. We will try to be fair and unbiased in all situations.

If you are found guilty, based on the evidence obtained, you will receive a formal explanation of what was found and what your punishment will be. This punishment we will try to fit the crime, and may result in a warning, fine or as severe as ridding. Be advised that ridding is our last option, but will be used if the offense is serious enough. As mentioned before, you do not need to fear Law because we are here to help you, whether you are a player or a coder.

What we expect from coders, is a conduct befitting the 'administration' of the mud. We see coders actions as a direct reflection on the MUD, and thus in most situations a coder's punishment will be harsher than a player's punishment. This is because they are expected to behave, and act in a manner which portrays maturity and intelligence. As players, we also expect maturity and behavior which would receive respect and admiration from your peers. We do have minors on this mud, so please keep that in mind when you are about to say or do something questionable. Also, just because it isn't listed as wrong in the laws laid out for the MUD, does not mean it is allowed. We are human and cannot come up with every little offense, so be advised that if we deem a situation 'questionable' it will be investigated.

The following is an idea of how this process works:

Situation A:
A player logs on to SWmud with invalid email and is caught. This player will be politely asked to change their email to a proper email address. If compliance is not met within a reasonable time limit (5-10 mins) they will be jailed and sent email on why they were in jail. This jailing will last until a correct email address is in place and then the player will be released.

Situation B:
Player comes to Law with a situation that he feels might be in violation of SWmud law. This player will be allowed to enter a complaint, or file a formal grievance with Law. The alleged offending party will be contacted and the situation will be presented to them, with a chance to explain their side and defend themselves. Any evidence will be looked over, and then a decision will be made. Decisions will be obtained in various ways, based on severity of the action. Some decisions will be obtained through a vote by all available wizardss, and usually this vote will last 2-3 days in order to give all the wizzes a chance to log on and vote. Any wizard who does not vote will be counted as an abstain. Any decision met by Law (and not voted on by wizards) can be appealed, based on evidence you find to further support your case or a possible misunderstanding during your explanation. We ask that you handle any punishments maturely, which will make your life a lot easier as well as ours. As stated before, the wizards will try to make the punishments fair and fitting to the crime (if and only if you are found guilty).

A further note:
To further insure your right to a fair and just trial by any wizard vote, the Head of Law will NOT vote on issues regarding Law which are presented to the wizard staff for a vote. This further insures that your situation will be properly presented to be voted upon: both sides will be expressed equally and without bias.

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