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SWmud Coder Etiquette

This is a document to explain the guidelines for which a coder should behave on this mud. They are to be followed closely, as well as the coder rules.

Being a coder puts you in a position of power. You help run the mud and have a more integrated role than that of the player. But not only does the job come with power, but it also comes with responsibility. Thus meaning, you must use your powers responsibly, AS WELL AS be responsible for the use of your powers. A lot of people like the first part of that sentence, but some have trouble with the latter. It thus becomes even harder to use that power responsibly, when you get more of it. A good coder can not only produce good quality code, BUT maintain a respectable atmosphere around him/her at all times on the mud REGARDLESS of what happens in RL, or even some instances that occur on the MUD.

There are many coders on here who are good friends, and some are even closer than that. This mud is a good tool for talking and spending time with people on here. But people also think it is a tool to vent their anger on when something in RL, or between friends goes wrong. This is not only irresponsible behavior, but often times leads to very immature and unnecessary acts. This in turn can cause problems for others who are not involved, and bring a bad atmosphere to the mud. Not to mention, when you slander someone who you do not get along with, it makes you look JUST as bad as you are trying to make them look. After all, would you want someone going behind your back, or telling players that you are _______. Or trying to get people to side with him/her to make the other person leave. If you have a problem with someone on here, do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself. If it is a law problem, mail the appropriate person. Otherwise do not bring it to the mud. Either respect the person you are having problems with enough to leave them alone or work professionally with them. DO NOT call names, use powers that they might not have against them, bring players into it, or talk behind their backs. Keep it to yourself and respect not only others by doing so, but yourself as well. It takes more of a man/woman to say nothing and walk away, than to stand there and cause a fight.

Now when it comes to mud-related discussions on things pertaining to ideas, etc. this is proper behavior for that as well. Each side should be able to express their feelings without being insulted or degraded. So if you don't agree with what someone is saying, POLITELY tell them such and do not degrade them or change the discussion into a personal insult match. That will not be tolerated. You are a coder because you have shown maturity and ability to handle your position. Remember, just as easily as you got it, you can lose it.

Always keep in mind that the person behind the keyboard on either side is just that, a person. So before you speak or say things which might sound wrong, try to stop yourself and put yourself in the other persons position and see how proper it would be to say. A little respect and maturity between coders can go along way. If you want to be respected, then you have to give respect. And for those who find they cannot respect other coders and keep it professional and use their powers responsibly, no one is forcing you to stay here. If there are any questions pertaining to this document or the coder rules, mail Law, and they will gladly discuss it with you.

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