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Bouncing rules: What is 'Bouncing'??

Players vs. Monsters:

The rule is simple: The monster MUST have a chance to inflict damage on you, whether it be from a normal attack, or a racial skill attack. It doesn't HAVE to do damage to you, but it must have a chance to strike you.

Before you read any further... re-read that last paragraph a few times.

You hit stormtrooper with your blaster.
Stormtrooper fires at you and misses.
You leave west.

Since the mob was able to fire at you but missed, then you are ok... this is called Legal Bouncing.

Another example:
You hit stormtrooper with your blaster.
You leave west.
You enter.
You hit stormtrooper with your blaster.
You punch stormtrooper.
You leave west.

The above is an example of (Illegal) Bouncing, and you will be jailed for it if you are found to be doing something similar to this repeatedly. The above example SHOULD be prevented by the MUD's 'anti-bouncing' code, but there are still ways in which to illegally bounce. If you find any, you should bug report them.

The bouncing rule also applies for (but is not limited to) the following skills:
intimidate (Wookiee), baffle (Falleen), surprise (Jawa, Rodian), gas (Mon Calamari), trip (Twi'lek), tailwhip (Sluissi), confuse (Sullustan), tumble (Ewok), influence (Human, Mon Calamari), calm (Jedi), force push (Jedi), and project damage (Jedi). [All racial skills apply to their natural race(s) and to Clawdites changed into that race.]

New skills may follow as races may be made, or skills are changed within the guilds. Or we may have missed a few skills. If you think it might be bouncing, mail law. Better safe than sorry.

This is to prevent:
You hit stormtrooper with your blaster
You intimidate the stormtrooper west!

As you can see, the Stormtrooper had no chance to hit the Wookiee. This is ILLEGAL.

It is NOT bouncing if you use the following skills:
strengthen (Jedi), block (Jedi), retaliate (Jedi), absorb & dissipate energy (Jedi).

Group Bouncing vs. Monsters

For some time, people have asked the eternal question: If we are partied or following each other, do we all have to take a hit individually or can who ever is "tanking" just take the hit. The answer is: At least one of you has to take a hit before leaving. For example, Ivan and Htan decide to take on Lijor. Ivan is following Htan. Ivan attacks Lijor, followed quickly by Htan. Htan takes a beating while Ivan shoots at Lijor from behind Htan. After Htan can take no more, they leave together. Htan then follows Ivan, and hides behind him as Ivan takes a beating.

That was an example of Legal Bouncing. We, the Law of SWmud, will allow this to promote teamwork with your teammates.

BUT BE WARNED: If the tanking person is bouncing, then all people who are in the group will be jailed, and all of you will lose all of the skills you were using at the time.

Players vs. Players:

If you are going to stand there and get bounced on, then you should unsign the book. Player vs. Player is ok.


If you are caught bouncing, chances are you will be imprisoned for three days (it may be more depending on how you react to being caught, and not admitting your guilt). Prison doesn't seem to make much of a difference to some people, so you will also have whatever related skills you were using at the time of bouncing reduced to 0% (ZERO). If you still decide to continue bouncing, the jail sentence will be longer, or you will be rid.

Bear this in mind and think before you decide to bounce.

As of 12/20/00 there are new punishments for bouncing:

1st offense: 3 days jail, wiped skills that you were using, 1 mob death
2nd offense: 1 week jail, wiped skills that you were using, 2 mob deaths
3rd offense: rid

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