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A male Trandoshan Trandoshans are large, reptilian humanoids from the planet Trandosha (or Dosha). They have supersensitive eyes that can see into the infrared range and the ability to regenerate lost limbs when they are young. They also shed their skin. Trandoshans are a warlike species who allied early with the Empire, taking Wookiees as slaves. They value hunting above all else and worship a female deity known as the Scorekeeper, who awards jagannath points to Trandoshans based on their success or failure in the hunt. They have a difficult time manipulating delicate objects with their relatively clumsy clawed hands. The bounty hunter Bossk, and his father Cradossk (one-time head of the Bounty Hunters Guild) were both Trandoshans.

Trandoshans can use their claws in combat, inflicting long, dripping wounds with 'tear'. They can also work themselves into a towering 'fury', inflicting increased damage in close quarters while unconcerned about their personal safety.

Trandoshans gain a +1 to strength and -1 to dexterity.

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