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A race of bipedal feline aliens from Togoria, the Togorians have long, sinewy limbs and well-muscled bodies that are equally useful moving through a forest or running across an open plain. Their hands and feet are studded with heavy, retractable claws.

The Togorians have a society in which the males and females only see each other for a few days each year. The males spend their days wandering the plains and hunting for food, while the females stay in the cities and tend to their business there.

The Togorians have a limited technology, including a solar technology maintained by the females, although they are fond of high-tech devices. The Togorian society is presided over by the Margrave, a position held by a male of a certain family line. Those Togorians that leave Togoria often find jobs as bodyguards, Bounty Hunters or soldiers.

Togorians are a strong, agile species, and receive a +1 bonus to their strength and dexterity attributes. The limited technology on their planet has resulted in a -1 to their technical and mechanical attributes. All Togorians have the skills evade and grapple.

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