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A male Sullustan Sullustans are jowled, mouse-eared humanoids with large, round eyes. They hail from Sullust, a harsh, volcanic planet with numerous caves--it is within these caves that these people have made their homes.

Sullustans are known as able pilots and navigators, and they have excellent senses of vision and hearing, as well as direction. Nien Nunb, Lando Calrissian's copilot in Return of the Jedi, is a Sullustan.

They gain a bonus of +2 to their mechanical attribute, and +1 to their technical. However, they have a -2 strength, and a -1 to their force attribute. These creatures have access to the 'confuse' skill, of which they can use their smarts to outwit opponents. They also have access to the 'detect' skill,which allows them to take advantage of their keen senses.

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