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A male Sluissi The technologically advanced Sluissi of the planet Sluis Van appear as humanoids from the waist up, though their lower bodies end in a snakelike tail. They are renowned for their expertise in starships, and the Sluis Van shipyards are considered one of the best places to go for repairs or maintenance. These beings are methodical and are somewhat plodding; they take their time in everything they do. Jobs may take longer, but they turn out to be very well done. Nothing ever seems to excite or disturb a Sluissi, for they are very even- tempered and calm. They consider themselves to be mechanical artists, and all artists know that great art cannot be rushed.

Sluissi receive +2 to their technical attribute and -1 to both their strength and Force attributes. Sluissi have a 'repairall' skill which utilizes multiple toolboxes to repair all the damaged components of a ship at one time. This takes substantially longer than repairing components piecemeal, however. In combat, a Sluissi may defend himself by using his snake-like tail as a weapon to damage and disable his opponent, known as a 'tailwhip'.

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