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Wookiee racial skills: Intimidate and Rage

Syntax: intimidate (target)

A Wookiee who uses this skill attempts to intimidate another being with his large stature and ferocious visage. Intimidated beings will run, except for some monsters who just can't be scared. If the Wookiee fails, the aggressive actions will cause monsters to attack.

If there is no object to the intimidation, it works against the current attacker.

When used against another player in PK, intimidate stuns your attacker for one round.

Syntax: rage

Wookiees can enter a rage and damage their opponents. It does however have a small drawback: since Wookiees have such strong and uncontrollable tempers, when they succeed at entering a rage, it does damage to everyone in the room that they're not in a party with. So, be careful when using it around other players or around droids for which you do not have a slave module.

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