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Racial skills listing

Race Available skills:
Bimm Sing Shoptalk
Bothan Avoid Discern
Clawdite Impersonate Shapechange
Defel Claw Shadowwalk
Ewok Detect Tumble
Falleen Baffle Charm
Gamorrean Bash Frenzy
Gand Regenerate Strike
Gungan Lunge Weave
Human Influence Stealth
Ithorian Cultivate Strengthen
Jawa Scavenge Surprise
Mon Calamari Gas Influence
Noghri Stab Stealth
Rodian Detect Surprise
Sluissi Repairall Tailwhip
Sullustan Confuse Detect
Togorian Evade Grapple
Trandoshan Fury Tear
Twi'lek Sneak Trip
Verpine Rake Vmodify
Wookiee Intimidate
Zabrak Anticipate Backflip
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