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A male Rodian Rodians are a humanoid species with multifaceted eyes, a tapirlike snout and deep green skin. They have a prominent ridge of spines running along the back of their skulls. Their fingers are long, flexible, and end in suction cups. The suction cups are not vestigal; they can pick up small objects in them and manipulate them quite well--though the suction is not very strong. Greedo in Star Wars WAS a rodian (before Han made him into a corpse).

Rodians gain a +2 bonus for dexterity and a +1 in strength, making them among the best mercenaries in the galaxy. However, they get a -1 penalty to their technical attribute and a -2 to their mechanical. They may be tough, but they aren't the smartest guys around. They can use the 'surprise' skill to gain an upper hand on their victims, as well as the 'detect' skill to aid them in finding those they seek.

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