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A male Noghri The only indigenous intelligent species on the planet Honoghr, Noghri are small, compact killing machines. They are intelligent predators, natural hunters with deadly skills. They have large eyes, protruding tooth filled jaws, gray skin, and thin, powerful muscles. With their enhanced sense of smell, they can identify individuals by scent alone.

These 1.3 meter tall beings have a strong code of honor not unlike that displayed by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. With long arms and sharp claws, they developed an unarmed combat style that is among the most deadly in the galaxy.

They gain a bonus of +1 to strength and +2 to dexterity because of their physical prowess. They get a penalty of -1 to their force attribute because of their lack of affinity for the force. Because of their primitive culture, they receive a -2 penalty to their technical attribute. Their physical prowess and ability to move silently allows them to use the 'stealth' skill. They also have a special attack called 'stab', allowing them to take advantage of their knowledge of fighting.

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