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A male Jawa Jawas are a race of short, humanoid creatures whose exact nature is unknown to the majority of the galaxy's inhabitants. They are usually seen as just a dark brown robe with a hood that covers their head and two shiny eyes sticking out from the hood. They are originally from the planet Tatooine, but they adapt well to new technology, so they quickly became a space-faring race when Tatooine was contacted and settled by humans.

Because of their high technical aptitude, jawas recieve a bonus of +2 to their technical attribute and +1 to their mechanical. Because of their small size and lack of manuverability in those robes, they get penalties of -2 to strength and -1 to dexterity. Their technical aptitude gives them a better understanding of the technology used within the galaxy. This ability allows them to use the 'scavenge' skill and the 'surprise' skill.

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