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Gand are a species of sentient life that has developed in the poisonous gases of the planet Gand. They are covered in a chitinous exoskeleton and can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. They possess large, bug-like eyes and only three fingers on each hand. Gand do not respire as do most other species in the galaxy; they obtain all the metabolic ingredients they need through the ingestion of their food. They speak with the aid of a muscular gas bladder that allows them to, among other things, draw in gases and expel them at a controlled rate through pieces of their exoskeleton that vibrate to approximate speech. There exists a subspecies of Gand that do respire. They breathe the gases of their homeworld most would find toxic and require a special breathing apparatus in an oxygen-based atmosphere.

The Gand have developed a totalitarian monarchy, and various colonies of Gand live in pockets of mist in the gas giant's atmosphere. When renegade Gand are sought, Gand Findsmen are sent out to locate them. These Gand use meditative practices, not unlike the Force, to locate their target. When the Empire overran the planet, the Findsmen were presented with advanced technology with which to hunt their targets. The better Findsmen became bounty hunters.

The Gand hold their names in great reverence. A Gand who has accomplished nothing in his life is simply known as 'Gand'. When a Gand completes a task, they are given their family's surname. A further accomplishment provides the Gand with a proper name. Pronouns are almost never used, and are reserved for those famous Gand who have accomplished so much that their deeds are known by all. If a Gand does something to be ashamed of, or causes offense to another Gand, their name is reduced.

Many Jedi believe the Gand are an incredibly Force-sensitive race due to their mystic Findsmen. In addition, Gand are very powerfully built beneath their armored exoskeleton. These two traits combine to give them a +1 bonus to their force and strength attributes. However, their bulky exoskeleton makes them somewhat clumsy, giving them -2 to dexterity. All Gand possess the skills of regenerate and strike.

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