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A male Falleen The planet Falleen is the homeworld of the Falleen species. The Falleen are reptilian in ancestry, with scales, cold blood, and skin that can change color according to their mood. A Falleen's lung capacity is great, and they are able to stay underwater for up to twelve hours. Coolly calculating beings, the Falleen are considered among the most beautiful of all humanoid races. In addition, both males and females have enhanced hormones, exuding a pheromone that makes them practically irresistible to the opposite sex. Meditation and exercises bring the hormonal essences into full bloom.

Falleen gain a +1 to their dexterity attribute and have a -1 penalty to their mechanical attribute. Falleen can 'charm' humans and near-humans (including Corellians and Alderaanians). They can also 'baffle' their opponents in combat, usually causing such confusion that their opponents end up injuring themselves instead of the Falleen.

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