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A male Defel Defel are an alien species that appear as large, red-eyed shadows under most lighting conditions. This has given rise to their common name: wraiths. Under ultraviolet light, Defels appear as stocky, fur covered bipeds with protruding snouts and long, clawed, triple jointed fingers. They stand about 1.3 meters tall, with shoulders as wide as 1.2 meters across.

This species lives in underground cities on the planet Af'El, where most inhabitants make their living through mining and metallurgy. In the galaxy at large, Defel often find employment as hired muscle, spies, and assassins due to their shadowy forms.

Defel are able to blend into their surroundings and can move stealthily through a room. This "shadowwalking" skill enables them to stay invisible for long periods of time. Their sharp claws allow them to inflict damage upon their opponents using the 'claw' skill.

Defel have a -2 penalty to their Force attribute, due to their lack of affinity for the Force, Defel have a +2 bonus to their dexterity because of the difficulty involved in seeing a Defel in the first place.

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