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A male Bothan Bothans are a sly, oppurtunistic species known across the galaxy for their vast spy network. Bothans are vaguely canine in appearance, with a long muzzle protruding from their faces and hair covering their bipedal and otherwise humanoid bodies.

While most Bothans rely on their intellects for survival, the species is well equiped for combat. Bothans originally sprung up on the world known as Bothawui, but they developed spacefaring technology on their own and colonized many worlds before entering the Republic. The most prominant of these colony worlds is Kothlis, which rivals the mother planet as the center of Bothan industry and culture. Borsk Fey'lya, the highest ranking Bothan in the New Republic government, hails from Kothlis.

Many Bothans feel the galaxy owes them a great deal of esteem and respect for their important contributions to the Galactic Civil War, such as the discovery of the plans for the second Death Star. And the Bothans are the first to let other species know about it.

Bothans receive a +2 to the dexterity stat due to their agile bodies, but they sacrifice a point in strength. Bothans also get a -1 to the mechanical attribute, as they have less natural piloting ability than many species despite the fact that they can construct ships just fine.

Bothans have use of the 'avoid' and 'discern' skills.

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