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A male BimmThe diminutive inhabitants of the planet Bimmisaari are called Bimms. Standing about 1.1 meters tall, the half-furred Bimms wear tooled yellow clothing. They are friendly people, with singing voices and a love of stories--especially heroic ones. The Bimms are peaceful; weapons are not permitted in their cities. They love to shop, and Bimms do not consider a day complete unless they have engaged in a bout of haggling or discovered a bargain at one of the markets scattered among their planet's forests of Asaari trees. They see haggling as a serious art form and abhor stealing. Shoplifting is a capital offense in the eyes of the Bimms.

Bimms can use their natural singing talent to disrupt the concentration of those in combat, and can soothe the aggressive feelings around them for a short time. Due to their small size, Bimms have a -1 penalty for strength but receive a +1 bonus to their technical attribute. They are also naturally more difficult to hit due to their diminuative size.

Bimms can talk shop with general shopkeepers to make more merchandise available in the shop.

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