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Don't ask for help... PANIC!

Syntax: panic (topic)

Whenever you need information about anything on the mud, just look in your guide you always carry around with you. Since it says 'Don't Panic' on the cover, the way to use it is, of course, panic (topic). If you didn't already know this, then you're probably a newbie, so you should probably try panic newbie in order to get some good information about getting started here on SWmud.

You may also panic: topics, commands, and feelings. Under topics, all information that may be looked up can be found using sub-topics that have been listed, such as aliens. To find what topics are under aliens, just use panic topics aliens.

NOTE: Don't try things like panic 'game communication'. Everything in the guide is all on one level of information retrieval.


Syntax: panicindex (topic)

This command allows you to search the index of panic files. For example, to get a list of panic files related to jedi, you'd do panicindex jedi.

NOTE: The search is a simple string search, so the shorter the string you use, the more topics you'll match. For example, since 'ship' is a substring of 'ships', searching for ship will give you all the topics that 'ships' covers as well.

Commands and emotes are not covered by this, since you can panic commands and panic feelings to get lists of them.


Help? Help? What do you want, some heavenly voice to give you information? Sounds like you're panicking to me! So if you're gonna panic, at least type panic, not help!

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