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Guidelines for being a Newbie Helper

  1. Do Not give false information over the newbie line. While it would be appreciated that as a NH you extend this to all lines, it is not necessary.
  2. Do Not chat over the newbie line, and try to keep newbies from chatting on the line.
  3. While tags are not allowed on the newbie line, the {Newbie Academy} tag is okay. All newbies who are in the Newbie Academy will have that tag appended to their chats on the newbie line. Most seasoned veterans should be able to find their way out of the Academy, so most players with this tag will be newer to the mud. Keep an eye on them if you can. Remember, you are one of the first people they are meeting on the mud.
  4. One newbie saying one time "Hey, being a mercenary is pretty cool." or something equally un-gameplay-related, DOES NOT CONSTITUTE CHATTING! Let it slide if it only happens the once.
  5. Panic files do not answer every question. Try answering the question instead of pointing to panic files every single time. Panic files are just one method of helping.
  6. Short, curt answers make you sound rude. Give some explanation for why you suggest a particular course of action.
  7. Sometimes a request for help is a request for information, not for pleveling or panic files (even if they use those words). Listen to what's underneath the request, not just the exact words used.
  8. Just because the question was asked on newbie line doesn't mean you can't answer in a TELL if you want to give more explanation than is 'acceptable' on the line.
  9. Chastise another Newbie Helper in a TELL, NOT on the line! You're just adding to the problem otherwise.
  10. Everyone has bad days. If this is one of yours, turn the line off. Nobody likes a grumpy, ill-tempered 'helper'.
  11. Try to remember being a newbie who has never mudded before. Think about what you're going to say before saying it on the line, then consider whether you would stay on the MUD if someone had said it to you.
  12. Use some common sense. Don't make everything into a battle.
  13. NEVER use all caps to get a point across. It is more likely that it will be interpreted as yelling instead of emphasis, which will only put the newbie on the defensive and make matters worse. If you become frustrated with a newbie who is not listening to you, turn the line off and let another helper help them.
  14. Above all else, BE NICE!

A good suggestion is to refer newbies to the appropriate panic files when possible, rather than just giving out an answer. We hope that this will show them that while we are here to help them, most of the answers they seek are already at their fingertips. It is important to reinforce the strategy of reading through the panic files first so that the newbies will eventually become self-reliant.

However, true new-to-mudding newbies may also need more help initially. That's a lot of panic files to read and remember, after all! Have some compassion. Some explanation goes a long way to understanding.

If you see panic files that are outdated or unclear, please post any suggested changes in rn idea.

If you feel that a Newbie Helper is not following these rules, please mail your complaint to the Player Council, along with a log, and it will be reviewed. On the mud, type: mail player-council

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