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Newbie Helpers

Newbie Helpers are players who are willing to help new players (newbies) get started on the mud. They usually help by answering questions and pointing new players to the correct panic files. Newbie Helpers are not there to give you experience points, money or things like that. If they choose to do so outside of the sims, that is their choice.

You can recognize a Newbie Helper from the [NH] tag that appears at the end of their title in the who list. You can also list all the Newbie Helpers who are online by typing swho -n or who -n.

How to Become a Newbie Helper

So, you want to be a Newbie Helper? Just so you know, the only real reward you get for being a Newbie Helper is the gratification of helping out the newbies of the mud who cannot find the answer elsewhere. There aren't many rules to follow, but if you fail to follow them, your status as a Newbie Helper will be revoked. It is a responsibility to be a Newbie Helper not a right.

First, you need to read the nh_rules file, which lists the guidelines that Newbie Helpers must follow.

Then, if you are still interested in becoming a Newbie Helper, you should contact your local diplomat council member about being added to this newbie support group.

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