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What is a Newbie?

Newbie (noo' bee): A person who is new to SWmud. One should always give newbies false information and incorrect directions so one can have a good laugh at their expense.

Newbie: what to do if you are one:

  1. Ignore the above definition of newbies.
  2. Read the Newbie FAQ. This will give you some information to help you get started on SWmud.
  3. Look up as many of the following topics as you can stomach in this guide:
    Character info: attributes, races, guilds, teams, hit points, social points, experience, score
    Game info: money, death, quests, search, planets, communication, follow, uptime, auto load
    Combat: wear, wield, weapons, fire, party, consider/ncon, ranged weapons
    Rules: rules, rights, sexual harrassment, offensive acts, snooping, multi, player etiquette, bouncing

    General: color, idling, mail, marriage, shop, syntax, terminal, timezones
  4. Read the entries on rules, sexual_harrassment and offensive_acts again. Ignorance is no excuse.
  5. See panic for information on using the in-game help system.
  6. Check out the feelings entry. This give you every 'feeling' command available to you in a nice, long list.

Now you are ready to go out into the world. You've read all the most important entries in the guide, and you know how to reference them in case you forget anything. But remember, there are MANY things in the guide that you still won't have read.

Many of the creatures, objects, and planets in SWmud have their own entries which aren't listed above. When you encounter anything new, you may want to look it up in the guide for reference information. If it doesn't have an entry, or its entry is incomplete, YOU can do the field research for us. Just mail all submissions for the guide to an Ambassador or higher.

You should also look at the welcome files in the game. On the mud, type 'welcome' and go from there, or just click the link above.

Once you are no longer a newbie (when you have reached level 5), check out the faq2 help file for help on progressing in the game (you had life easy in the simulator).

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