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SWmud Newbie Help Files

Character Creation How to create (or request) a new character on SWmud.
Getting Started Information on building your character once it is created.
Welcome Files What to do after your character is built and ready to be played.
Newbie A list of several major help topics to help new players.
Newbie FAQ Questions that newbies typically ask, including some advanced issues.
Newbie Line Rules for use of the newbie line when asking questions about SWmud.
Newbie Helper About the older players who answer questions on the newbie line.
Newbie Helper Rules Rules the helpers must follow in order to maintain NH status.
Newbielocate A command NHs can use to locate newbies within the Newbie Academy.
FAQ Basic questions on how to play.
FAQ2 What to do when you aren't a 'newbie' anymore.
Panic (aka Help) A description of the MUD's help system.
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