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FAQ II - What do you do after the sims?

Here are some guidelines how to cope in the SWmud world now that you are no longer able to enter the Simulator and enjoy the luxury of free equipment and easy experience points.

First of all, you do have some money don't you? Everything outside the Sim costs credits, just starting from transportation in getting out of Coruscant. If you are absolutely penniless and cannot find a nice enough player to donate some money to you, it is not a completely bad idea to get yourself killed so that you will be level 4 again and can enter the Simulator again.

The Simulator was constructed so that new players would have an easy time getting started and you even get free equipment there. It is highly recommendable that you take advantage of the Sims as long as you can.

If you are either a Rebel or Imperial, you might want to check the team room on Coruscant and see if other team mates have left some equipment at the bin there. Only borrow what you need and be sure to remember to return everything before you quit the mud. If the bin is empty, you might want to ask on the team line, if other team members could get you some equipment to get started with. Be sure to ask politely. The other team members have no obligation to help you out, but they will do it only out of the goodness in their hearts.

The next thing you need to do is get off of Coruscant. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Get a ship to transport you off.
  2. Enter one of the many shuttles that land on Coruscant.
  3. Take a Smuggler cab.

The Smuggler cabbies are extremely expensive and only meant for those players who want to get fast from one place to another.

Getting a ship transportation means either buying your own ship and flying it away or have some other player pick you up in his/her ship.

The shuttles are by far the cheapest mode of transportation. There are different shuttles landing on different planets, taking you to almost every planet on the mud. Each shuttle ride costs 100 credits. You can enter any one of the shuttles by referring to its number. For example to enter shuttle 103, you can just type enter 103.

If you are a pilot and you want to go flying and shooting down other ships for experience points, you'll have a slightly harder time than the ground pounders.

Ships cost money, repairing ships costs money, and after all the credits spent, you won't even be able to keep your ship; you will have to buy a new one each time you log in. For new pilots, money is always scarce and life can be hard, but do not despair. Once you have enough money saved (a few ten thousand credits) you can buy a ship from the Sluis shipyards, where you custom build your own ship and it will be yours forever. Until then, try to rely on the friendliness of other players as much as you can. Do not buy ships unless you absolutely have to. Higher level players (scientist 9+ and smugglers 17+) can break into ships and steal them for you.

Always keep most of your money in a bank account. If you die, all the money in the bank is safe. Buy as little as you have to. Refueling ships in space also comes directly out of your bank account.

Keep a few backpacks with you to put extra stuff in and then sell them at a shop. If you have no equipment, start out with the weakest monster with the poorest weapon.

With that weapon you can then attack a slightly harder monster for a slightly better weapon and this way work your way up. The best part is that you even get exp points while doing it.

Always remember to consider (or ncon) monsters before attacking them. A suicidal monster for you might turn out to be a level 50 dark Jedi that will lightning you for 200 hit points in one round. When exploring new areas, keep your wimpy at 50%. There is never any harm in being over cautious. Ask the other players if you are unsure about something or need advice. Keep in mind though, that some players take pleasure in deceiving others and leading them to dangerous places. Do not believe everything you hear.

If you are around level 5-10 here are a few areas you might want to go to:

- Soleada Hotel, found south of the planet Soleada dock. A shuttle from Coruscant will take you there.

- Factory row and University on Corellia. A shuttle from Coruscant will take you to Corellia. The Factory row is situated approximately 5 e, 5 s from the dock. The university is about 5 e, 8 n from the dock.

- School on Berchest, an area especially only for levels 5 to 10. First you must take a shuttle from Coruscant to Soleada. From Soleada dock go east and north and purchase a shuttle ticket. Go south and east to enter the shuttle terminal. The shuttle to Gamorr and Berchest leaves from the north docking platform.

- Children on Gamorr. There are children of various levels all around the planet. To get to Gamorr, follow the instructions on how to get to Berchest. The same shuttle serves between Soleada, Gamorr and Berchest.

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