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SWmud Wizard Sponsor Information

Any person wishing to become a wizard must find themselves a sponsor who is either a senator or moff.

This sponsors job will be to convince the other wizards to vote on the applicants behalf, and later, to take care of the apprentice wizard. They will be the person most responsible for the applicant. With this in mind, many wizards do not like to sponsor players who they know absolutely nothing about. Many wizards like to know that the applicant is a nice, mature, responsible person, before sponsoring them. If the apprentice wizard does something questionable, the sponsor will be held responsible for it, and it will reflect badly on the sponsor.

It is always a good idea to try to establish yourself on the MUD and become more widely known among wizards and players before attempting to wiz. Make your name known, act courteously towards others, show mature behavior, responsibility, and other good qualities. Do not overdo it however; pestering wizards with endless questions is a bad idea and any brown-nosing attempts will be soon detected. Also, finding the sponsor is the player's responsibility. Just mailing every wizard going "would any of you sponsor me?" is a bad idea. The player must choose a wizard as their potential sponsor, and then ask that one person for their sponsorship. In the same way as the wizards usually like to know the person they are sponsoring, the player should know their sponsor as well.

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