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Weaponry on SWmud

There are four basic types of weapons here at Star Wars MUD:

  1. generic melee weapons
  2. ranged weapons
  3. sabers
  4. throwing weapons

Melee weapons are the most common and are usable by everyone unless a particular weapon has certain minimum requirements for use, such as a particular level, minimum attributes, etc. Just wield the weapon and attack whatever's in your room. Melee weapons are split into 4 categories:

  • knife - all forms of knives
  • blade - swords, some of the lighter axes, monofilament whips, etc.
  • blunt - hammers, maces, flails, etc.
  • two handed - pikes, the bigger axes, halberds, spears, etc.

Ranged weapons can only be wielded by mercenaries. This category includes all blasters and other related energy-based weapons.

Lightsabers are the weapons of the Jedi, and as such can only be wielded by Jedi.

Throwing weapons are only usable by assassins. These include weapons like throwing knives and shuriken.

Weapons are not currently and are not planned to be auto-loading, nor are there any plans to allow non-mercenaries to wield blasters or non-jedi to wield lightsabers, even if additional penalties were to be added to compensate. Please do not ask for this.

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