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General MUD Secrets

There are certain things on the mud which are considered secret. This means that you should not tell other people about them, their location, syntaxes needed to get to them, etc. All syntaxes that are not immediately obvious or otherwise specified as being public knowledge are secret. See the Secret List for some of the mud's secrets that you should not reveal.

Also note that secrets are not the same as quest information, which is always secret. You should refer to the Quest Document for a list of some quests.

A word on leaking secrets:

Giving away information on secrets and quests can lead to a number of things. Depending on how severe the leak, a wiz may decide that the secret/quest must be shut down and/or changed. While this may annoy or inconvenience you, the player, it gives the wiz who has to do the changes a great deal of work in coming up with a new way of hiding the secret or completing the quest. This being the case, those caught passing on secrets and quest information can find themselves in a good deal of trouble. Depending upon the severity of the leak, any of the following punishments may be used:

  • Time Shoutcursed and/or rncursed
  • Jail time
  • Monster death(s)
  • Rid
  • Rid + Siteban
  • Removal of HM status/benefits/questing privileges
  • Quest Ban
  • Planet Ban

Some of these punishments may seem harsh, but that is how seriously the coding staff take the secrets and quests here. A good deal of work has gone into making things challenging. By telling others how to get through something without having to do the amount of work you did, you make all that work into a waste of time and effort. We request that you abide by the rules of the mud and keep things to yourself.

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