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Questing on SWmud

Quests on most muds are anal-retentive annoying things that all players must do to advance. This is not the case on SWmud. We have quests, but instead of being anal retentive quests where you must do certain things in certain orders and you must always have the exact wording of every command right, our quests revolve around use of player skills.

Our quests also aren't required to advance or become immortal, although the experience provided for doing them certainly helps. Our quests exist solely for the enjoyment of those players who get bored with just killing things, and for the enjoyment of those coders who like to code such things.

There are some rules you should follow regarding quests. Make sure you read through them so you are not caught unaware. Ignorance is no excuse. All quests are secret.

For a listing of some available quests, see the Quest Document.

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