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Quests available on SWmud

This page was last updated on: April 10, 2011

There are quite a few quests on SWmud. Most of those are hidden, in other words, you are not given any hints as to where to start them or how to do them. You either stumble onto them or you don't.

For those of you who are interested in doing quests, this file mentions some of the quests on SWmud, so you will have some clue where to go. Most of the quests offer experience and money as rewards.

There are some rules you should follow regarding quests. Make sure you read through them so you are not caught unaware. Ignorance is no excuse. Please also read the Secrets file for a warning about giving out information on secrets and quests and what may happen to you if you do.

The following planets have quests, but this is NOT an exhaustive list:

Af'El 1 - levels 15+
Berchest & SSD 3 - all levels
Carida 1 - to find a shuttle to Kashyyyk
Centerpoint Station 6 - 4 for mortals, 2 for HMs
Crseih 2 - all levels
Gamorr 1 - all levels
Ithor (sim) 1 - levels 0-4, as is the whole planet
Kessel 3 - 1 for middle & higher levels, 2 for HM 30+
Korriban 1 - HM players
Kwenn 8 - varying levels. Information is in the Kwenn information terminal.
Naboo 2 - HM players
Rodia Several small quests for around level 10+
Ryloth 6 - 4 for levels 7+, 2 for levels 19/HM or the extremely clever
Soleada 2 - all levels (including the MRH quest - see below)
Sullust 4 - all levels
2 - slicer-only quests: 1 for levels 1-10, 1 for HMs. (Info in the slicertool.)
Tatooine 1 - all levels

Special Quests:

Firstaid quest - If you do not want to be a scientist, you can get the first aid skill by completing a quest. See: firstaid_quest

Mickey Rukh Hat - There is an object called Mickey Rukh Hat, which gives you many funny commands. The best benefit of this hat is the ability to block tells. The location of this hat is a secret, so finding it is a quest. This quest is started on Soleada. The hat is auto-loading.

Barfly quest - This is a quest for fun. Barflies have a contest with other players in seeing who can drink the most! The records are kept and saved. See: barfly_quest

Training center - The Training Center (TC), where you can raise your stats, is located somewhere on the mud. The exact location for each player is secret. When and if you find it, you must keep it a secret.

Player Killers' Quest - This quest is only for Army player-killers of at least level 11. A bounty hunter located on Alderaan may be able to give you more information on it.

High Mortal quest - Once you reach 19/19/19 in levels, you may attempt to become a High Mortal. See: hm_quest

Jedi Master quest - High Mortal Jedi have the chance to become primary jedi. See: jedi_master

Primary Jedi may also try to become teachers, allowing them to teach jedi skills to fellow players. See: jedi_teacher

Ammobelt quest - High Mortal mercenaries can get an auto-loading belt that they can recharge blasters from. See: ammobelt

Container quest - High Mortal merchants can get an auto-loading container that is very light but carries a lot of things. See: container_quest

Slicertool quest - High Mortal slicers can get an auto-loading slicertool after constructing one of their own. See: slicertool_quest

Toolkit Quest - High Mortal scientists can construct an autoloading scientist toolkit containing a multi-purpose purifier and a medical scanner. See: toolkit_quest

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