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Planets found on SWmud

This page was last updated on: April 10, 2011

The following planets exist in SWmud. Any comments or complaints about a specific planet should be directed to the coder(s) who care for it, either by mail or by posting to the planet's bulletin board, if it has one.

An asterisk (*) by the planet name denotes that the area is not yet open.

Planet Level CaretakerS Original CoderS
Af'El 12-HM Morgan Morgan
Alderaan 6-HM Clyde Dwarfer
Council Building - Azrick
Newer parts - Clyde
Berchest All Amethyst Feor
Bespin 3-HM Tantrum Justicar
Bespin Towers - Shmoove, Luka
Admin. building expansion - Luka
Bimmisaari 8-HM Vint Feor
Carida All Clyde Luka, Panther
Centerpoint Station   Vint Vint
Corellia All Willow Fromper
CorSec - Cecil
Govt. complex - Feor
Hospital lower levels expansion - Xaar
University - Twilight; 1st floor - Morgan
Corellia Defense Platform 5-HM Willow Fromper
Coruscant All Moff, Area Planet - Htan (current); Dwarfer, Fromper (original)
Hall of Fame - Willow (current); Luka (original)
Jedi Temple - Amethyst, Renna (design)
Sith Tower - Morgan, Ursa (design)
Coruscant Station 7-HM Vint Vega
Military dock - Feor
Crseih Station 3-HM Morgan Panther
Da Soocha - Moff, Area Feor
Dagobah 15-HM Ivan Leah, Ivan
Death Star 13-HM Morgan Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
2N - Feor
Eichbaum All Ivan Ivan
Jedi academy area - Feor
Endor 5-HM Willow Xaar
Shield complex - Feor
Gamorr 5-HM Vint Feor
Honoghr 10-HM Morgan Rayooz
Nystao - Morgan, Feor
Hoth 8-HM Morgan Morgan (current); Dwarfer (original)
Jubilar All Moff, Area Feor
Kashyyyk 6-HM Willow Rustitobuck (Rusty), Htan
Kessel 6-HM Stavros Kryyshk, Mlan
New Spice Mines - Stavros
Korriban HM Morgan Khayyin (current); Leah (original)
Kwenn Space Station 10-HM Morgan Feor, Morgan
Myrkr 5-19 Tantrum Skip (rewrite of old code from numerous wizzes,
including Crovax)
Naboo 5-HM Clyde Clyde
Nar Shaddaa* -   Aerin
Newbie Simulator 1-4 Amethyst Fromper, Bugsy, Sarah, Kess, Carnal,
Zurk (simulator interface)
Onderon HM Ivan Leah
Rodia 5-10 Amethyst Mlan
Valley and bivouac - Feor
Ryloth 5-HM Morgan Morgan
Shantipole Station (Roche) 15-HM Morgan Morgan, Cravex
Sluis - Stavros  
Sluis Van Shipyards 5-HM Stavros Alexus
Level 6 & misc. - Feor
Soleada 1-19 Willow Kryyshk, Mlan
Park - Willow
Sullust 4-HM Morgan Feor
Parts of Amusement Park - Morgan
Tatooine 10-HM Ivan, Willow Leah, Pope, Zurk
Togoria 5-15 Moff, Area Titania
Wayland HM Morgan Morgan (current); Kryyshk (original)
Yavin 15-HM Morgan Morgan, Khayyin, Kerowyn, Torei, Liria (design) (current); Leah (original)
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