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New Coder requirements

We at SWmud welcome and encourage players to become coders if they like once they meet the requirements. These requirements are:

  1. You must be at least primary level 15, and level 10 in both of your secondary guilds.
  2. You must find a moff or senator who is willing to sponsor you.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you must mail an application to become a coder to senator and moff. The application must include the following info:

your character's name
your name and email address
who is sponsoring you
what qualifications you have as a coder
a statement of what you plan to do/create once you are a coder

We will then review your application and vote on whether to accept it. Note that your application can be turned down for any reason, or for no reason at all. Becoming a coder on the MUD is a privilege, not a right.

If your application is approved, then you will be raised to the rank of Applicant. You will have one week in which to learn enough about coding to pass a test, the details of which will be available to you once you become a Applicant.

If you pass the test, you will become a Secretary. Otherwise, you will be returned back to player level, and your stats, equipment, etc. will be reset to those you had when your application was accepted. After failing the test, you must wait at least one month to re-apply.

Once you become a Secretary, you will be required to produce an area or other project that is fairly robust. You will have three months to complete this project or the voting group will re-evaluate your status as a wizard here. Once that project is completed, you will be promoted to Ambassador and have much more control over what your future projects and goals are.

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