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The basics of MUDing on SWmud

Basically, you are mudding right now. If you go into a MUD (Multi User Dungeon or Domain), create a character, and interact with others, you are mudding. Each MUD will have a different flavor, setting, ambiance and/or atmosphere, but they are all basically similar in that the goal is to go out and improve your character.

You usually do this by fighting computer-generated monsters (also called mobs, short for mobiles), getting experience points, and advancing in levels. Once you attain the highest level a mortal can attain, you may wish to become a coder. Coders make the rooms and monsters that players interact with. Coders also go around and correct the errors (such as ending clauses with prepositions) that other coders make.

What follows is a list of simple commands you need to get started. These are basic commands, but ones you will use over and over as you play.


who – gives you a list of everyone logged into the mud at the moment. Lists levels, races, and affiliation for each player. In this mud, a player can be Imperial, Rebel, or Neutral.

where – lets you see where the players are logged in. We have most continents represented in the mud, though most of our players come from the US.

say (string) – everyone in the same room with you can hear what you say. For example, if your character's name is Elsie, and you type say I am very happy everyone in the room with you will get a message that says Elsie says: I am very happy.

shout (string) – same as say, except everyone in the mud can hear what you say. If you to type shout I am very happy! every single player in the entire mud will get a message that says Elsie <shout> I am very happy!

tell (player) (string) – will let you tell one person and one person only whatever it is you want to say. Typing tell Fred want to go explore Soleada? will result in the player named Fred getting a message thus: Elsie tells you: want to go explore Soleada?

reply (string) – will let you answer the last person that sent you a 'tell'. If Fred tells you: "Sure, let's go!" and you type reply ok!!, Fred will receive a message thus: Elsie replies: ok!!

rebel / imperial / neutral (string) – depending on your team affiliation, you will have access to one of the three channels above. You will be able to hear all other rebels (or imperials, or neutrals) as they talk to each other. Typing rebel hey guys! will cause every other rebel in the mud to receive a message thus: Elsie <rebel> hey guys! You might then see the response thus: Mlan <rebel> hey there Elsie...

emote – will let you "do" some action that others in the same room with you will see. Typing emote runs around shouting wheee! will result in everybody else in the room getting a message thus: Elsie runs around shouting wheee! Likewise, emote whispers to you: Let's go ambush Fred... will result in EVERYONE in the room receiving a message that says: Elsie whispers to you: Let's go ambush Fred...

rebelemote / neutralemote / imperialemote / shoutemote (string) – these work just like emote except they can be seen by people in the respective channels. shoutemote waves to all! will result in everyone seeing a message thus: <shout> Elsie waves to all!


n / s / e / w / nw / ne / sw / se – will get you moving in that direction. If you want to go north, just type n (north would work just as well). Want to go east? Type e and presto, you're going east. Usually a room will tell you what exits there are. If there's no exit to the east and you type e you'll just stay put.

u / d – same as above, only up and down.

enter (object) – will let you get into a landspeeder, star fighter, shuttle, etc. If you walk into a room and see a transport called SS Essess, typing enter essess will get you into the transport.

other exit names – normally if a room has an exit, no matter how weirdly named, typing the name will get you through the exit. A room with an exit called 'loophole' may seem strange, but all you have to do is type loophole and you'll go through in that direction. You don't even have to be a lawyer or a politician.


look (object) or l (object) – either one will let you see a particular object. look lightsaber and l lightsaber will both return a description of the lightsaber. If there are more than one lightsabers present, it will return the description of the first one. look lightsaber 2 will show you the second one, look lightsaber 3 the third one, and so on.

get (object) – will allow you to get stuff you see.

get all from corpse – after you have killed something, type this to loot the corpse. Sounds gruesome, but it's the only way to get the money and equipment the monster had on it before it died.

drop (object) – will allow you to drop stuff you have.

give (object) to (player) – will allow you to share your stuff with someone else. You must have the object to give it away.

When you find weapons, you need to wield them to be able to use them. So if you find a sword, you need to type wield sword, etc.

When you find armor, you need to wear it for it to be effective. So, for example, if you find boots, you need to type wear boots.

To remove these items, either type unwield (weapon name) or remove (armor item).

NOTE: To use a shield, unwield your weapon, wear the shield, and then rewield your weapon.

Armor pieces have different sizes and you can find out the size of a particular armor by looking at it. Each race has a particular armor size, and you are not able to wear armor that is too small or too big. Merchants have a resize skill, or there are some shops across the mud which perform this service for a small fee.

These commands will allow you to talk to others, ask them questions, and even get to know them. The most important thing to remember is that someone will always know the answer to your question or will be able to tell you where to go to find the answer, so just ask. Above all, have fun.

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